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Ergonomics In The Workplace


There is a need for good ergonomics in the workplace.

An ergonomic workplace not only ensures the safety and comfort of the workers but also boosts their productivity. Proper ergonomics will effectively prevent injuries at the workplace. Ergonomics is all about the designing and arrangement of various products as well as systems at a workplace and also the usage of these product and systems by those who work there. Ergonomics enable the workers to avoid stress at workplace and ultimately it ensures them comfort and happiness. When a workplace has good ergonomics the workers will be healthy and enthusiastic whereas poor ergonomic conditions will lead to various types of injuries and other physical complications. when the environs of a workplace are not properly designed or not maintained in the proper way it will cause either long-term or permanent disability, fall in efficiency, huge loss of revenue and more number of medical claims. In a workplace or an office, the purpose of ergonomics is to make the workplace suitable, safe and comfortable for all the men and women who work there. When the workplace has goo ergonomics it will effectively prevent MSDs (Musculoskeletal Disorders).

The main ergonomic aspects of a workplace

Relief from stress

When the workers in a workplace complain of neck pain, back pain or shoulder pain, it indicates lack of workplace ergonomics. Instead of sitting for hours together, the workers may make it a practice to get up from their chair at intervals,  or they can make it a habit to get up from the seat when they want to with someone over the phone or to file a document, etc. When they want to relax for few minutes, they can get away from the seat. By walking a few steps and stretching during the short breaks they can get relief from stress. Stress can lead to physical injuries. When one is working under stress he/she will remain tense throughout the day. They will forget to take sufficient breaks and also fail to report their medical problems. This will only lead to injury and more complications.

Avoid eyestrain

Those who who spend a lot of time on the computer complain about eye strain. To solve this problem the gare of the light needs to be corrected first, either by adjusting the position of the light or by adjusting the position as well as the angle of the monitor. When there is a light screen background it will be more comfortable to the eyes. Occasionally focusing on an object off the monitor one can give rest to the eye muscles. Those who use a laptop may use an external keyboard as well as a mouse.

Ensure readability

Monitors with poor resolution and monitors that flicker need to be rectified or replaced. The font size must be appropriate so as to avoid eye strain. Those who wear glasses may use full-frame reading glasses which are specifically prescribed for the monitor distance. The monitor must be kept straight in front of the user and the referring documents may be kept to immediate right or left.

Awareness of workplace ergonomics

Proper awareness of workplace ergonomics is very important for everyone. When a worker has proper understanding of his/her work environment he/she can control and adjust various aspects of the surroundings. Control and awareness are very important for reducing the stress.

Perfect workplace ergonomics is in the best interests of all concerned. Poor workplace ergonomics will create physical problems for the employees and heavy financial loss to the employers. The employers can utilize the service of ergonomics specialist who will make specific recommendations for improving the ergonomics of the workplace after studying the working conditions.