Montblanc 149 John Harrison Fountain Pen Skeleton 171/333 18K SOLID GOLD Year 2002

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Brand: MONTBLANC Germany Model:149 John Harrison Fountain Pen Skeleton 333 ,18K Solid Gold Overlay. piston filled. Limitation: 171/333 Nib: 18K med Year:2002 Condition:New, complete boxes and papers;; he global extent of the British Empire and it is leading role as a naval and economic power within the 18th and 19th centuries used to be due primarily to the discovery of a person who nowadays is nearly forgotten – John Harrison. His ingenious nautical invention – the chronometer – made a seemingly inconceivable task conceivable: the precise determination of position and distances at the high seas. It used to be way to this protected method of navigation that the empire’s fleet used to be in a position to set sail for brand new continents and build up the renown, wealth and all over the world influence of the British Crown. The Special Theme Edition Hommage a John Harrison recalls the era of expansion into new worlds. The in part transparent barrel is encased in a delicate 750 solid gold map of the arena composed of the continents and contours of longitude and latitude. Through this skeleton structure, the worlds oceans shimmer in transparent blue precious resin. A small diamond marks the placement of the Mont Blanc massif. An engraved portrait of the inventor decorates the home made 18-carat gold nib of this unique writing instrument, whose cap bears the Montblanc star in mother-of-pearl John Harrison’s work brought Britain naval supremacy by developing the chronometer and a option to decide longitude at sea. Scientists denied him recognition, doubting the discovery might be the work of a person from his humble background. This edition is devoted to him as a belated tribute. A global map with latitude and longitude lines graces the transparent barrel, which reveals the precision piston mechanism within. The Mont Blanc massif is marked by a precious stone, a mother-of-pearl Montblanc star adorns the highest of the cap and the home made 18-carat gold nib bears Harrison’s portrait.

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