Elegant Lighting 9205TL13PW Rosalia 5-Light Crystal Table Lamp, Finished in Pewt,

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Sublime Lighting fixtures 9205TL13PW Rosalia 5-Light Crystal Table Lamp, Finished in Pewter with Transparent Crystals Sublime Lighting fixtures 9205TL13PW Features: Base Finish: Pewter with Transparent Crystal Make a choice from Royal Cut, Sublime Cut, Swarovski Spectra or Swarovski Components Crystal Sorts: Royal Cut- a mix of top of the range, lead-free, machine cut and polished crystals, and whole-lead machine-cut crystals, whose appearance rivals that of a dearer chandelier crystal Sublime Cut- Sublime Cut Crystals consist of 30% top of the range full-lead machine-cut crystal that may be above business standards. It possesses sharp faceting polished to a visible radiance Swarovski Spectra- Gorgeous and reliable quality crystal by Swarovski Swarovski Components- An exercise in technical perfection, Swarovski Components crystal meets all standards of perfection. It’s original, flawless and brilliant, possessing lead oxide in way over 33%. Made in Austria, each and every side is perfectly cut and polished by machine to care for optical purity and consistency Uses (5) 60-Watt Candelabra Base Bulbs (now not included) Product Dimensions: 26″H x thirteen”W From the Sublime Lighting fixtures Rosalia Collection Sublime Lighting fixtures, headquartered in Philadelphia, PA, is a premium designer of crystal Lighting fixtures. Since its inception within the year 2000, Sublime Lighting fixtures has made cutting edge strides in crystal Lighting fixtures design, that led to them changing into the fastest-growing crystal Lighting fixtures company within the business. Sublime Lighting fixtures actively ensures, all the way through each and every step of production, that the Lighting fixtures you purchase is a gorgeous piece of art, and that it graces your house or industry with its sheer perfection.

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