David Oscarson Harvest Copper Bronze Fine Fountain Pen

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The David Oscarson Harvest Copper Bronze Fine Fountain Pen. The legend of Pierrot and Pierrette started Within the 17th century when Jean-Antoine Watteau committed to canvas two clowns who were later made famous by the Italian Commedia dell’arte. This undying Duo was once then adapted to French pantomime where Pierrot is a noble and a laugh-loving clown; he’s lonely and in love with the pretty Pierrette, whose affections run cold and hot. When his affections are returned, they are able to be seen sitting in combination at the crescent of the moon.

Within the spirit of artistic mastery and the tradition of Old Global craftsmanship, this inspiring Collection combines the centuries-old methodology of Guilloché with the art and experience of Exhausting Enamel. The Pierrot and Pierrette Collection is the primary to include three levels of Guilloché and 5 colors of translucent and opalescent (white) or opaque (black) Exhausting enamel on every Collection piece. Consistent with the neutral backgrounds, the Duo is completed in Rhodium vermeil.

The Art Deco design of this Restricted Edition requires three separate stages of engraving. All the body of the pen is first cut all the way down to the extent of the background, leaving the outlines of the overlapping circles in top relief. The canvas pattern is then engraved onto the skin of the body of the pen (seen most effective at the Pierrette). The third stage of engraving applies the sunburst motif to the skin of every circle, keeping up the point of interest center in top relief.

  • Translucent Copper Bronze and Opalescent White Enamel with 18-kt. Yellow Gold Vermeil.

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