Curtis Jack Nicklaus US Open Red Rollerball Pen (40056402-2)

Sterling Silver clip, cap collar and band, bronze Golden Bear
Individually handcrafted
Roller ball with screw cap accepts standard refills

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This handcrafted Curtis roller ball pen has been created in partnership with legendary golfer Jack Nicklaus. It marks Jack’s four US Open wins, a part of his unmatched record of 18 Majors. The pen includes a finely modeled sterling silver sculpture of Jack driving the primary tee in 1962, his first Major win. This case is in red marbled effect Curtis resin, which has been hand polished to an exquisite finish. There may be even a bronze golden bear to the front of the pen, which also has a sterling silver spring clip and silver Nicklaus cap collar. This can be a numbered Limited Edition Pen, complete with certificate, presentation box and special box sleeve, making an excellent gift or collector’s item. Of the pens Jack Nicklaus himself has said “I am very pleased with my relationship with Curtis and the Jack Nicklaus Limited Edition pens. It was once the standard of the pens that were given me – the standard of the workmanship, the standard of what Curtis does”. With a twist action mechanism and readily to be had same old refill. History: Curtis Australia has evolved from five generations of fine craftsmanship and traditional hand skills with an appreciation of how the ones skills can enrich life. This heritage may also be traced to the late 1890’s in rural Australia. Time honored, traditional skills in crafting durable, quality items in gold, silver and gems have been studiously handed down across five generations to the craftsmen chosen to create Curtis Australia’s work these days. As fine pen makers and jewelers, Curtis Australia craftsmen take personal pride in Each and every piece they invent. Each and every new piece takes hundreds of hours to progress from design to reality. Each and every meticulous procedure within the art of pen making is carefully followed with infinite patience, consummate skill and with a very real passion. The Australian character shines through, there’s a freshness of ideas, not constrained by pre existing influences. This adds an actual vitality to the designs, whilst still engaging a sophisticated, worldly target market. Curtis Australia is an international brand to be had in almost Each and every one of the crucial world’s continents, with a variety of fine jeweler, writing instruments and accessories. Warranty: Each and every Curtis Australia Pen has a two (2) year warranty from the date of purchase. The guaranty does not include finishes or wear to the nib.
Sterling Silver clip, cap collar and band, bronze Golden Bear
For my part handcrafted
Roller ball with screw cap accepts same old refills

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