Brady BMP71 Label Printer with Soft Case, Quick Charger and USB Connectivity

Portable label printer is a labeling tool for identifying a variety of items, like cables, file folders, and equipment
Single-color printing on over 400 label materials up to 2″ wide, such as heat-shrink sleeves, self-laminating labels, and raised panel labels
Thermal transfer printing stays crisp and bright longer than direct thermal printing

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The Brady BMP71 Portable Label Printer prints by the use of thermal transfer at 300 dots per inch (dpi) on a number of materials, has automatic label formatting, and prints at 1.5″ per second. With a QWERTY keyboard (standard on most computers), the Brady BMP71 prints in character sizes as much as 2” wide. To be used in identifying a number of items, from cables to equipment, this labeler prints single- or multi-line, in character sizes from 4 to 170 point. Use the BMP71 to create self-laminating labels, heat-shrink sleeves, die-cut labels, and continuous tape labels with 300 dpi for clear, crisp printing. Thermal transfer printing stays bright and lasts longer than direct thermal printing. This printer can be utilized on its own, or with a pc, and connects by the use of USB.

The BMP71 has built-in wizards for electrical, datacomm, and general identification labels, barcodes, and over 500 graphics, and features a time/date stamp, if desired. It’s easy to store, retrieve, and delete label files, with 200 MB storage for over 100,000 unique label files. Print single or More than one copies of labels, or create complex labels with More than one sections. The full-color LCD is easy-to-read and displays exactly how the label will appear, with indicators displaying the installed label part, label size and color, label and area status, current font size and rotation, amount of material remaining, and the rest battery charge, to help in making labeling easier and more intuitive Built-in touch cell in labels and ribbons allows labeler to robotically format label. Labeler can hold a continuous roll as much as 50’ long, and print a label as much as 40” (1016 mm) long. The label printer runs on a rechargeable battery or optional AC power, and has a sleep mode to save power when not in use. Labeler operates in temperatures from 40 to 120 degrees F (4 to 49 degrees C) and comes with a 12-month manufacturer warranty.

Label printers, also referred to as label makers or labelers, are one of those computer printer that print on rolled stock or fanfold stock. Label printers are used for lots of purposes, including asset management, price marking, packaging labels, laboratory specimen marking, and naming file folders. Label printers use a number of printing technologies, such as laser, thermal transfer and direct thermal mechanisms. Some label printers might interface with a pc to create special Varieties of labels, such as barcodes, at the same time as other label printers can create special content the usage of the printer’s own operating system.

Brady Corporation manufactures signs, tags, printers, and other industrial safety and identification products. Brady used to be founded in 1914, is headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and meets International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9000 standards. Seek advice from the Brady Label Printer Store to see more Brady label printers

BMP71 Highlights

Multiple Printing Options

  • Mirror
  • Frame
  • Reverse

Save Time.
BMP71 comes with built in design wizards for a number of applications including:

  • Electrical
  • Voice and data communications
  • Safety & general Identification

Cut Material Waste. Large, full color graphical screen shows you:

  • What your label will look like
  • Label material and ribbon part number
  • Label color and size
  • Remaining material, ribbon and battery life

What’s within the Box?

  • BMP 71 label printer
  • Quick charger
  • Soft case
  • Rechargeable battery pack
  • Battery charger/AC power supply
  • Roll of M71-31-423 labels
  • M71-R6000 ribbon cartridge
  • Cleaning strip
  • USB cable
  • CD containing instructions, print driver, and tutorial
Text Options

  • Multiple font sizes including auto-sizing
  • Super & sub scripts
  • Vertical text
  • Underline, italics, and bold
  • Expand or condense

More Varieties of Labels

  • Colored continuous tapes for equipment ID and safety warnings
  • PermaSleeve Wire Marker Sleeve
  • Self-laminating wire & cable markers
  • Terminal block and patch panel markers
  • Face plate & outlet markers
  • General-purpose industrial die-cut labels

More Symbols

  • Code 39 and 128 bar codes
  • 500+ Symbols including electrical, voice/data, safety & protection, warning, and maching & operational

Function BMP71 Printer Specifications
Label Types / Application Functions
Banner Portrait, Banner Landscape, Wire, Flag Labels, Patch Panel, Terminal Block, DESI Strip, 110 Block, 66 Block, Pipe Markers, Safety Labels, Fixed Length
Circuit Board Labeling, Data Communications Labeling, Facility, Safety & Maintenance Identification, General & Industrial Labeling, Healthcare ID, Laboratory ID, Security ID, Panel ID, Wire & Cable Marking, Pipe Marking
Print Technology
Thermal Transfer
Print Resolution
300 dpi
Print Speed
38 mm/sec
Color Capability
Single Color Printing
Backlit Screen
5.49 lbs.
Power Supply
Rechargable Batter, AC Power
PC Connect Printing
Yes – USB
Stand By myself Printing
Compatible Software
Labelmark Software, MarkWare Software, Windows based driver for 3rd party software use
200 MB
File Transfer from PC to Printer
Continuous vs. Die Cut Labels
Continuous and Die Cut Labels
Materials Supported
Continuous, Die Cut, Bluk, 400+ Stock Parts
Tape Widths
0.250″ – 2.000″
Max Label Width
Max Print Width
Label Roll Length
50 ft/500 ft Bulk
Text Sizes
4 – 174 pt.
Multi-Line Print
Print Rotation
Yes – More than one and Linked
39 and 128
Over 500

Brady BMP71 Labels

Indoor Outside Labels

  • Economy Polypropylene Tape (B-529) – To be used indoors on smooth, flat surfaces
  • I/O Vinyl Film (B-595) – Aggresive permanent adhesive, very pliable, conforms to rough surfaces, excellent resistance to oils, detergents, dirt, and lots of solvents.

General Labels

  • Paper Labels (B-424) – White matte paper labels
  • Polyester Labels – Clear glossy(B-430), white glossy(B-459), metallized glossy(B-486), white matte

General Adhesive Wire & Cable Makers

  • Repositionable Vinyl Cloth Labels (B-498) – Industrial strength labels ideal for curved surfaces. Firm adhesive may also be got rid of cleanly and reapplied.
  • Nylon Cloth Labels (B-499) – Durable industrial strength labels designed to conform to curved surfaces.

Self-Laminating Wire Markers

  • Self-Laminating Vinyl Labels (B-427) – Has a secure printing area with superior chemical and abrasion resistance with a non-printed clear area that wraps around and over-laminates the printed text.

Voice and Data Communications

  • Polypropylene Tags (B-412) – Designed for high legibility and tensile strength
  • Polyester Labels (B-422) – Permanent adhesive, good for powder-coated or textured surfaces

Pre-Printed Die Cut Labels

  • Polyester Labels (B-428) – For applications that utilize bar codes, alphanumerics, graphic symbols and logos and require nameplate-like quality.
  • Polyester Labels (B-423) -Permanent Polyester Labels With Gloss Finish

Raised Panel Labels

  • Foam Backed Polyester Labels (B-593) – Customized rectangular and regulate button legend plates with less hassle and wasted time than engraved plates. Aggressive adhesive and solvent resistant.

Circuit Board & Component ID

  • Polyester Labels – White glossy (B-423) and metallized matte (B-428)
  • Polyimide Labels – Amber matte (B-426) and white glossy (B-457)

Fiber Optic Flags

  • Polypropylene Labels (B-425) Allows for more legible information on smaller diameter wires. Excellent solvent resistance and print performance.


  • Polyethylene Tags (B-145) – 9.5 mil cross laminated polyethylene film with a thermal transfer printable topcoat. used for a number of tag applications including ID of multi-conductor cables, equipment, lockout, safety warning repair, and work in progress.

Tamper Indicating

  • Destructible Vinyl Labels – Tamper resistant tape destruct into tiny fragments when being got rid of. Making any attempts to take away the label very difficult and time consuming. White matte (B-351). Metalized (B-352)
  • Tamper Resistant Vinyl Film (B-530) – Specialty continuous vinyl film

Static Dissipative

  • Electrostatic Dissipative Polyester Labels (B-473) – Primarily used for printed circuit boards and electronic component labeling. White glossy.
  • Electrostatic Dissipative Polyimide Labels (B-478) – 1mm low profile, high temperature white glossy polyimide material with a permanent static dissipative adhesive and liner.

ToughStripe Print-on-Demand Floor Labels

  • Polyester (B-483) – High adhesion to textured metals and low surface energy plastics.

Temporary & Removable

  • Repositionable Vinyl (B-581) – Indoor labels designed with special adhesive that makes it easy to take away and re-apply. High gloss, durable, flexible, pressure sensitive adhesion.

Portable label printer is a labeling tool for identifying a number of items, like cables, file folders, and equipment
Single-color printing on over 400 label materials as much as 2″ wide, such as heat-shrink sleeves, self-laminating labels, and raised panel labels
Thermal transfer printing stays crisp and bright longer than direct thermal printing
Automatic label formatting for convenience
Print speed of 1.5″ per second for fast and efficient labeling

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