X4 Leather Executive Chair

Dynamic Variable Lumbar (DVL) Support / SciFloat Infinite Recline
Tilt Tension & Tilt Lock / Height-Adjustable Backrest
Adjustable Seat Height / Adjustable Seat Depth

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Long past are the times of behemoth leather-based government chairs. X4 is graceful, intuitive, and assuredly dynamic. Supple leather-based and polished aluminum duvet its dramatic curves and graceful strains to carry a slightly of refinement to any place of job. Revel in the ergonomic era you deserve and the relaxation you need with SciFloat Countless Recline and DVL Enhance. Once in a while custom must be damaged.
Dynamic Variable Lumbar (DVL) Enhance / SciFloat Countless Recline
Tilt Rigidity & Tilt Lock / Peak-Adjustable Backrest
Adjustable Seat Peak / Adjustable Seat Intensity
Adjustable Headrest Peak / Adjustable Headrest Attitude
four-Dimensional Palms