Tombow MONO Correction Tape, Non-Refillable

Selling Point #1: Premium tape lays down smooth to blend with paper.
Selling Point #2: Dual Gear technology and self-tightening mechanism prevent tape looping and pulling.
Selling Point #3: Easy-to-use side-action applicator allows for precise corrections.

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MONO® Correction Tape is the unique single-line correction tape. The compact, Simple-to-use facet-action applicator simplifies correct software to straight away right kind typed or handwritten files. Twin Equipment generation includes a self-tightening mechanism which prevents tape looping and pulling. Make wireless corrections with out a drying time – no mess and no ready! The ergonomic design permits you to comfortably make corrections all over the paintings day. Simply modify holiday-evidence tape with the rewind knob. Premium-high quality tape permits you to re-write with pen, pencil or marker. Non-refillable.
Promoting Element #1: Premium tape lays down clean to mix with paper.
Promoting Element #2: Twin Equipment generation and self-tightening mechanism save you tape looping and pulling.
Promoting Element #3: Simple-to-use facet-action applicator permits for exact corrections.