The Amazing Quality Quick SBC 750 NRG Battery Charger 24V 30 Amp 3-Bank

Amps – Output = 30
Banks = 3
Battery Type = Lead Acid/Gel/AGM

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The Amazing Quality SBC 750 NRG Battery Charger

Quick have been designing and producing battery chargers for around 25 years and they have got all the time kept a step ahead of market standards.

The SBC NRG series once again confirms their lead, implementing probably the most technologically advanced solutions and taking particular handle the advance of energy potency. The advantages deriving from the brand new design
translate into reduced consumption,less generation of warmth, limited acoustic noise, less marked derating, and a more reliable system overall.

The SBC NRG Hi-power and Medium power models are supplied with a brand new user interface including multi-language menus, and represent probably the most advanced battery chargers for nautical use.


  • 24V, 30 Amp, 3-Banks
  • Three stage charging – bulk segment, absorbtion segment, glide charge
  • Multiple outputs with a purpose to charge more teams of batteries (Electronic mosfet charge separator inside of)
  • Differentiated charging for open or sealed liquid electrolite, GEL or AGM batteries
  • Integrated output fuses throughout the battery charger (for each and every output)
  • Capacity of supplying full power with low AC network provide voltage
  • The possibility of the use of the battery charger as an influence provide with out batteries
  • Low residual fluctuation on output.
  • Universal AC provide input 83V – 264V, forty five-66 Hz
  • Compatible with the generators
  • Can work in a variety of ambient temperatures
  • “Fast Sensible Fan” system of optimized management of the cooling fans
  • Double cooling fan which promises air go with the flow uniformity, in addition to less noisiness and redundancy in case of malfunctioning
  • User interface (multi-language) that consist of a LCD display with 3 buttons
  • Automatic and manual power derating
  • CAN BUS interface for data transfer
  • EN 60335-2-29_EMC Class EN 55022
  • B- FCC Title 47 Part 15 Sub
    Amps – Output = 30
    Banks = 3
    Battery Sort = Lead Acid/Gel/AGM
    Charger Sort = Multi-Stage

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