The Amazing Quality Charles HQ Series Battery Charger – 35 Amp – 24v – 120VAC

Amps – Output = 35A
Banks = 3
Battery Type = NONE

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The Superb Quality HQ Series Battery Charger

Marine UL Battery Chargers that meet ABS and USCG necessities for megayacht and workboat fleets around the globe.

The HQ series gives a rugged battery charger and gear provide all in one
unit. Many govt, military, native land security, megayachts, and
commercial marine vessels are required to fulfill ABS standards on all new
construction over 150 gross heaps and/or vessels over 90 meters. The HQ
Series delivers full compliance for battery chargers.

  • Part# 9Q-24355HQ-A
  • 35 Amp
  • 24 Volt
  • 120 vac
  • 50/60 Hz
  • Features:

    • Agency approvals: Meets ABS (38G), Marine UL (1236), US Coast Guard (10B) and ABYC (A-31) necessities
    • LED indicator pilot lamp
    • Quick disconnect on/off transfer on front quilt
    • Separate voltmeter and ammeter
    • Internal failure alarm (in a position), customer to offer indicator
    • Multi-bank (3), multi-stage (bulk, absorption and drift) battery charger
    • Ability to work as power provide
    • Voltage and current restricting skill
    • Thermal, over-current, ignition and reverse-polarity safe
    • Input and output fusing
    • Constructed with heavy-duty, corrosion resistant, UL known fabrics
    • Designed to run cool, moderately and EMI/RFI interference free
    • Temperature reimbursement – built for optimal performance in quite a few ambient temperatures
    • AC input: 120vac
    • DC output: 24vdc
    • 50/60Hz for global and U.S.A. applications
    • Drip protect (essential) included
    • 5-year manufacturers restricted guaranty
    • Made in the usA.

    Amps – Output = 35A
    Banks = 3
    Battery Kind = NONE
    Charger Kind = Multi-Stage

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