The Amazing Quality Charles 9C-24605SPI-A 5000 Series C-Charger 24V, 220VAC – 60A/3 Bank

Amps – Output = 60A
Banks = 3
Battery Type = Lead Acid/Gel/AGM

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The Amazing Quality C-ChargerĀ® 5000 Series
Marine Electronic Battery Chargers

C-CHARGERĀ® 5000 Series Marine Electronic Battery Chargers are your best option for top-performance Marine UL listed products.

Utilizing fine quality components and corrosion-resistant, anodized aluminum housing, C-CHARGERĀ® are built to last, performing within the toughest of marine environments. Charles 5000 SP battery chargers feature a battery Sort selector switch. This selection permits the boater to charge either lead acid, gel, or AGM batteries.

Marine UL listing ensures durability and safety

  • Only complete line of battery chargers approved by Marine UL’s stringent specifications, trying out and evaluation
  • Tested for sturdiness against static, affect, vibration and shock
  • DC ammeter indicates the charge rate
  • Ignition secure (USCG-33 CFR 183.410)
  • AC and DC fuse protection

Multi-step charging with temperature reimbursement

  • Restores as much as 3 individual battery banks concurrently
  • Internal temperature reimbursement (12V 30-one hundred amp models and 24V 20-60 amp models) routinely adjusts output to exactly charge batteries in keeping with ambient conditions

Corrosion resistant housing and components

  • Constructed of difficult, anodized aluminum housing that stands as much as the weather-including extreme warmth, humidity and salt air
  • Circuit boards with UL really useful coatings give you the final in environmental protection and hydrolyte stability-meets necessities of MIL-1-46058C

Run cool and quiet

  • Cooling fan best operates throughout peak current demands
  • Virtually no RFI or EMI interference exceeds FCC/Class B necessities

Easy to put in and repair

  • Battery selector switch permits charger for use with lead acid, gel, or AGM batteries

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