Sign Waving Machine-Premium Model with LED Lights

Increase Sales: Proven to increase sales by an average 15% ($90,000 in sales each year)
Save Money: Full time sign spinner, saving over $25,000 each year in payroll expenses
No Problems: No vacation, breaks, hiring, training, workers compensation

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Includes:, Velocity Signs Machine (Weather Proof), Sign Mount (Front and Back)-360 Degree Message, 4x LED Lighting fixtures (Weather Proof), 4x LED Light Brackets, Custom Built Motor, Built with Industrial Strength Diamond Plate, Steel, and Welding, Lock Box with Keys for Battery, Charger, and Keep an eye on Panel, Rechargeable Battery (AGM-31 with 1-Year Warranty), Premium Charger with Battery Life Indicator (5-Year Warranty), Worry Free Wheels (Flat Free), Strong Care for with Grip, Powder Coated (Mirror Black), On/Off Switches with Circuit Breaker, 15′ x 3/8″ Weather Resistant Steel Cable (Security), Pad Lock and Keys, Industrial Strength Velcro Strips for Sign, Sign Toughen Bracket, Hardware (Nuts, Bolts, and Washers), Extension Cord, Power Provide for Direct Plug In (Optional), Free Sign Design (1 Design with 1 Revision) * You’ll be able to hang two signs (back and front) on our Premium Model with LED Lighting fixtures for sign visibility from 360 degrees. Our Premium Model with LED Lighting fixtures come designed and pre-stressed out so as to add our Mannequin or convert back to our Premium Model down the road. We propose not more than 2x 12 sq. foot signs on 6mm coroplast. The signs move in a figure eight fashion to attract attention with a practical sign movement. All Velocity Signs comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty against defects in materials or workmanship of all parts (motor, arms/bearings, battery, charger, switches, fuse, wheels, and boxing units) below commonplace wear and tear. National Clients: Ford, Chevy, Nissan, Subway, Little Caesars, McDonald’s, Burger King, Verizon Wireless, H&R Block, Unbelievable Sams, Great Clips, Sport Clips, Togo’s, Baskin-Robbins, Precision Tune, Spirit Halloween, Anytime Fitness, Domino’s Pizza, and plenty of more! Ask us for considered one of our many luck stories!
Build up Sales: Proven to extend sales by a standard 15% ($90,000 in sales each and every year)
Save Money: Full time sign spinner, saving over $25,000 each and every year in payroll expenses
No Problems: No vacation, breaks, hiring, coaching, employees compensation
Creative: Easily change your signs and messaging for various promotions and/or events
Durable: Top of the range steel, welding, powder coating, motor, battery, and charger!

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