SenseView Duo 4.3 Inch Color Portable Video Magnifier 4.5 Hrs. of Battery Use!

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The SenseView Duo combines a distance camera and a detailed up & handwriting camera in one device. You would not have to hold many varieties of moveable magnifiers for particular functions. Use the SenseView Duo at home, faculty, at the same time as shopping, or out in town. Options: Transparent and top distinction Symbol, simple use for handwriting, store as much as 20 photographs, menu and panning key for knowledge control and battery level. The camera mild will also be turned off for lighted objects such as ATM and laptop screens, and stored photographs will also be magnified and panned for a clearer view. The SenseView Duo also features a shut up camera for reading and handwriting, along with a distance camera for objects 8 feet or additional away. Specifications: LCD: 4.3″ wide. Magnification: 3X to 12X (shut up camera). Symbol storing: capture and storing as much as 20 photos. colour mode: full colour, black / white, white / black, yellow / blue, yellow / black, blue / white. brightness: 4 levels for the brightness. Battery: Lithium Polymer (rechargeable) 4.5 hours continuous use. Size: 7″(W) X 3″(D) X 1.1″(H), 17.8cm(W) X 7.8cm(D) X 2.8cm(H). Weight: 0.57lbs, 261g. One Year Manufacturer’s Guaranty. # 611080.