Quartet Infinity Glass Marker Board,

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Tempered glass in finish options
Magnetic and whiteboard

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The graceful and flexible Quartet Infinity Magnetic Glass Marker Board is each a tempered glass whiteboard and magnetic bulletin board. It is fabricated from tempered glass for your number of end and could also be fastened vertically or horizontally. This marker board Comprises an adjustable marker tray, one top class Quartet dry-erase marker, and uncommon earth, magnets. Make a choice from to be had dimension choices. Make a choice from to be had sizes. Tempered glass in end choices. Magnetic and whiteboard. Frameless layout. Hold vertically or horizontally. Comprises 1 Quartet dry-erase marker. Comprises 2 uncommon earth, prime energy magnets.
Make a choice from to be had sizes
Tempered glass in end choices
Magnetic and whiteboard
Frameless layout
Hold vertically or horizontally