ProMariner ProNautic 1250P 50 Amp 3 Bank Battery Charger

Amps – Output = 50
Banks = 3
Battery Type = NONE

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The Amazing Quality All Digital Electronic Charging
Industry recognized with the 2010 IBEX Innovation Award, ProNauticP employs our ProMar Digital Performance Charging Platform which mixes all digital regulate and software-based totally power conversion technology with International energy management options. ProNauticP addresses the rage of incorporating and the usage of more 12-volt electronics on-board nowadays’s power, sail, cruising and sport fishing boats. Boasting twelve digitally-controlled performance charging profiles with finger tip variety, ProNauticP totally charges, stipulations, maintains and re-stipulations batteries even as extending battery life and maximizing battery reserve power performance. ProNauticP is Power Factor Corrected with auto-ranging International AC input permitting all models to perform off a typical household power connection. That includes dual digital shows for real-time display of exact charging voltage and amperage and AC power-on diagnostics with pass or fail standing along with discreet fault indication for mis-wiring or adverse battery bank stipulations. Designed to offer more time at the water playing what you like so much… boating.

ProMar Digital Performance Charging

ProMar Digital Charging Performance – 12 Selectable Profiles
Up to 12 performance & precision 4-stage charging profiles: Charge, Condition, Deal with and Re-condition. Automatic dockside power mode for 12 Volt DC lighting fixtures and appliances. Factory set for Flooded (Lead Acid) batteries. AGM, GEL selectable.

Power Factor Correction – International AC Input
Auto-ranging (one hundred-250VAC/50-60Hz) International AC input with reduced harmonic distortion permitting all models to perform off a household power outlet connection. ProNauticP consumes less power so more AC power is to be had on board.

Distributed On Demand Technology
Automatically senses and distributes one hundred% of to be had charging amps to anybody bank or combination of all
Amps – Output = 50
Banks = 3
Battery Kind = NONE
Charger Kind = NONE

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