Pelikan Special Edition Niagara Falls Fine Point Fountain Pen – 953240

Special Edition Niagara Falls Fine Point Fountain Pen
Fountain Pen Fine Point

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When the last ice age ended 12’000 years ago, North The usa’s glaciers created an immense amount a melted water which brought about Lake Erie to flood. The newly formed Niagara river flows over the hard dolomite rock of the Niagara Escarpment rock formation towards the north and connects Lake Erie with Lake Ontario. At the border between the us and Canada, the water masses collide in combination, separated by the Goat Island, almost 60 meters deep. On america American side, the waterfall has a width of app.360 meters; the so-known as horseshoe At the Canadian side has a length of app. 790 meters. As a special geological phenomenon, the waterfall nears Lake Erie by almost two meters annually as a result of the erosion process. At some stage in thousands of years, it has already laid back eleven kilometers. The Niagara Falls are actually famous around the globe and draw in more then 18 million visitors to the region annually. The special edition Niagara Falls is constructed with the finest of fabrics. The focus is the metal shaft whose silver-colored elements consist of an elaborate Rhodium alloy. The fountain pen components manufactured of noble resin glimmer in water blue. The rhodium-plated 18 karat gold nib is masterly sculpted, polished and moderately conscripted by hand. This special edition which is to be had as a pen and roller used to be derived by a traditional company which has stood for top of the range writing culture. It’s our goal not to most effective absolute best the technology but fairly to provide each individual instrument an unmistakable visage. The piston pump fountain pen has an 18-carat gold nib with rhodanized decoration, masterfully formed, polished and moderately run in by a masters hand. The ball-point pen is fitted with a twist mechanism and a world same old largevolume cartridge. The exclusive roller-ball also delivers the look of ink handwriting with its smooth, at ease action. WARRANTY: Life time mechanical failure warranty from Pe
Special Edition Niagara Falls Fine Point Fountain Pen
Fountain Pen Fine Point

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