Omas Limited Edition Harmonia Mundi Titanium Fountain Pen

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Harmony is balance, order and beauty.From the harmony of the creation where the extremes come in combination, where art is present in all its forms, from the harmony of the spirit which is being at peace with yourself, to the harmony of the sector which contains both and extends the second one concept to all mankind. And it’s to this harmony and peace that the harmonia mundi Limited Edition is devoted, its strong contradictions becoming messages of hope. The titanium used for the body of the pen, a technological subject material too continuously employed in brand new weapons, becomes a subject material representing peace, communication and union among folks. Then the attention settles on the work of Clara Halter, on her messages of peace in more than a few languages repeated in some way that turns out to engrave even the toughest of the hearts. The words of the nice French artist are secure by a transparent scabbard, symbol of purity and integrity, the important requisites to defeat hate and violence. The sequence of screws and rings – a masterpiece of craftsmanship – represents the need to create something both morally and materially solid, ready to withstand the passage of time. The innovative clip is the artistic interpretation of the trigger of a pistol which turns into a rainbow, restoring serenity and a smile of religion one day.The classic Omas flexible nib, clip, rings and screws are all rigorously in 18K gold – the noble metal par excellence, combined with probably the most prestigious of technological materials. Produced in a limited edition of 950 pieces in titanium and gold, plus 50 pieces entirely in 18K white solid gold and titanium. The container may be emblematic, complex and on the same time clean-cut, a transparent case to inform a tale and express a wish.
Warranty: 5 years mechanical failure

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