Omas Gentleman Seaman Gold Fountain Pen

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  • This Restricted Edition is devoted to John Paul Jones, founding father of the us’s Navy, whose life has been marked by a robust character, a need to succeed and courage.
  • The fountain pen ” The Gentleman Seaman” has the form of a telescope and its clip is formed just like the bow of a vessel.
  • Enclosed by two knurled glossy/opaque strips, precious picture frames, two footage in enamel and gold or enamel and silver recall two vital moments within the lifetime of the nice commander-patriot.
  • On the only at the cap John Paul Jones is hoisting the flag. His figure, like the 2 faces next to him, is in bas-relief and the flag is in enamel.
  • The picture at the pen’s barrel depicts the 2 ships, in bas-relief, clashing at Scarborough.
  • The body of the pen is adorned by the blue/gray enamel of the ocean and the sky that may be tinged with intense yellow.
  • This exclusive fountain pen is manufactured from precious fabrics: hand painted enamel, blue vegetal resin,18K gold.
  • “The Gentleman Seaman” fountain pen is to be had in 47 items in forged 18K gold.

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