OFM Marque Series Plexi Double-Unit Curved Reception Station

Laminated engineered wood
Translucent plexiglass panels
Easy no-tool assembly

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OFM Marque assortment double reception station is built of sturdy, commercialgrade engineered wooden with a fantastic laminate end and a translucent plexipanel for a recent glance.Reception station options hanging silver accents that strengthen its eyecatching up to date taste. Built-in wiremanagement cutouts scale back litter from wires and cables. Work floor within desk is a generous 19”D. Best transaction counter offers visitors a handy writing floor and is thirteen”D.Ships in a position to gather, no equipment required.
Laminated engineered wooden
Translucent plexiglass panels
Simple no-software assembly
Ships Tailgate Delivery: Will wish to dump from Truck!