Nuova Shredder Sharpening & Lubricant Sheets

As quick & easy as shredding a piece of paper, no oil, no mess
Patented formula uses natural, non-toxic grinding powder and compatible with all paper shredders (paper entry width 8 9/16 inches or larger)
Sharpening, cleaning and lubricating shredder blades prevent paper jams

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As fast & simple as shredding a work of paper, no oil, no mess
Patented formulation makes use of herbal, non-poisonous grinding powder and appropriate with all paper shredders (paper access width 8 nine/sixteen inches or higher)
Polishing, cleansing and lubricating shredder blades save you paper jams
Optimizing shredder efficiency via doing away with mud & buildup from blades
Sheet dimension: 8 nine/sixteen in x 6 in (21.8 cm x 15.1 cm)