No. 5 Self-Sealing Kraft Bubble Mailers, 10.5″ x 16″ (Box of 100)

These popular padded envelopes are sturdily built with bubble lined wall construction for extra protection during transit.
These tough premium shippers are proven solutions for a wide variety of items.
Self Sealing Bubble Mailers provide outstanding low cost shipping protection for a wide variety of products.

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No. 5 Self-Sealing Kraft Bubble Mailers, 10.five” x sixteen” (Field of one hundred)
Those fashionable padded envelopes are sturdily constructed with bubble coated wall development for added coverage all through transit.
Those difficult top rate shippers are confirmed answers for all kinds of things.
Self Sealing Bubble Mailers supply remarkable low price shipping coverage for all kinds of goods.
Shipping labels adhere securely to the recycled Kraft paper quilt so the prevalence of misplaced programs is reduced.
Upgrade your corporate symbol and send with trust with Those self-seal mailers.