Montegrappa My Guardian Angel Gold Rollerball

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All over periods of turmoil and uncertainty, humanity appreciates the comforting thought that each and every of us has a Guardian Angel. This can be a idea that exists in and transcends religions and cultures, a way that we don’t seem to be by myself in times of bother.
As a lucky charm, an object to the touch – from Greek ‘worry’ beads to rosaries to a mezuzah to a rabbit’s foot – a small, physical representation can symbolise this spirit. It could actually comfort the holder, its mere presence enough to reassure a person of the existence of a better spirit, who cares for the welfare of each once of us.
To create this type of talisman, Montegrappa has designed a pen known as My Guardian Angel. For that intangible spirit that guides our lives, a totem of all that may be excellent when times are bad, My Guardian Angel is a writing instrument that recognises the positive energy not unusual to all faiths, in a kind that may be uplifting and life-affirming.
An angel embraces the pen, in the way in which that goodness acts as a cloak across the soul. It takes the type of a celluloid cap and barrel in a cloud-like colour, embraced by low-relief engravings in sterling silver or 18k yellow gold, inlaid with sky-blue enamel and turquoise main points. The design features an angel standing tall at the barrel, with sword and shield, the clip taking the type of an angel’s wings. The cap’s best is a dome of blue, inlaid with the rays of the sun.
Offered in conjunction with the pen might be matching cufflinks and wristwatches. The cufflinks feature an angel armed with sword and shield, the watches a motif of wings and sun rays. It’s Montegrappa’s wish that the ones in possession of this stuff will feel a way of inclusion, and of peace.