HyperX Wrist Rest – Cooling Gel – Memory Foam – Anti-Slip – Ergonomic – Keyboard Accessory (HX-WR)

Cool Gel Memory foam
Stable, anti-slip grip
Durable construction with Anti-fray stitching

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The HyperX wrist relax supplies comfy wrist cushioning for players who use complete-sized keyboards. It has an anti-slip herbal rubber underside crafted to stay Solid even as your arms fly around the keys. Constructed to ultimate; the HyperX wrist relax options anti-fray sewing; and is built with a focal point on high quality; so it’ll supply lengthy-lasting convenience consultation after consultation.
Cool Gel Reminiscence foam
Solid, anti-slip grip
Sturdy building with Anti-fray sewing
Ergonomic layout suits complete-sized keyboards