Generic Panasonic P-P511 NiMH 1600mAh Phone Battery – for Panasonic P-P511, Energizer ER-P511, ER-P507, and these Panasonic cordless phones

100% OEM Compatible – Complies with or Exceeds OEM Panasonic P-P511 Battery specs
Guaranteed to operate with your Panasonic P-P511 cordless phone
Stay connected with families and friends by getting extra battery power today.

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Manufactured from best high quality battery cells, more safety and longer time use then different generic emblem batteries.
100 p.c compatible with all authentic equipments.
Same serve as as authentic battery however a lot more economical selection for you.


Battery Kind:NI-MH, NI-CD or Li-ion
Capability: 1500mAh

Panasonic: KX-FPG371, KX-FPG372, KX-FPG376, KX-FPG377, KX-FPG381, KX-TG110M, KX-TG2205, KX-TG2207, KX-TG2215, KX-TG2215B, KX-TG2217, KX-TG2219, KX-TG2222, KX-TG2227, KX-TG2227G, KX-TG2236, KX-TG2237, KX-TG2237S, KX-TG2239, KX-TG2247, KX-TG2247S, KX-TG2257, KX-TG2257S, KX-TG2267, KX-TG2270S, KX-TG2287, KX-TG2700, KX-TG2700S, KX-TG2720, KX-TG2720S, KX-TG2730, KX-TG2730S, KX-TG2740, KX-TG2740S, KX-TG2750, KX-TG2770, KX-TG5100, KX-TG5100M, KX-TG5110, KX-TG5110M, KX-TGA270, KX-TGA270S, KX-TGA273, KX-TGA510, KX-TGA510M, N4HKGMA00001, P511, P-P511, PP511, P-P511A, TYPE 24, HHR-P402A, HHR-P402
one hundred% OEM Compatible – Complies with or Exceeds OEM Panasonic P-P511 Battery specs
Guaranteed to perform together with your Panasonic P-P511 cordless telephone
Keep hooked up with families and pals through getting additional battery power as of late.
Easiest replacement for the unique battery with comparable standby and talk time. Nice discount with superb high quality guaranteed.
Colour: Black. Voltage: 3.6V.