Fortuna Credo Girih Broad Point Fountain Pen

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Fortuna Islam Girih Fortuna used to be the Goddess of Fortune, the personification of luck consistent with the traditional Romans. Fortuna’s identity as the embodiment of chance events used to be closely tied to virtus, or strength of character. Public officials who lacked this quality invited in poor health-fortune on both themselves and Rome. At Montegrappa, we consider that luck is for sure linked to virtue, even as education is the root onto which a person develops and nurtures his or her innate talents. We also consider that hand-writing is an very important component of the education process and an indispensable serve as, even in these days’s hurried, digitised society. Because of this, we’ve got created the Fortuna collection, with an eye to those that still indulge within the pleasure of writing. It’s our wish that these pens will engender the nice luck that they deserve. With Fortuna Credo, Montegrappa has applied the similar sense of destiny to the nice monotheistic religions that supplanted the ones of the traditional civilisations. An historical, traditional Islamic pattern graces all of the surface of the Fortuna Credo Girih pen. Girih, Persian for “knot”, is an Islamic decorative art form utilized in architecture and handicrafts, including so much famously for book covers, tapestry and small metal objects. The pattern consists of geometric lines that create an interlaced network, a complex internet of straight-edged symmetrical shapes that form stars separated by polygons. Montegrappa’s octagon-based totally filigree covers the nib of the Fortuna Credo Girih Fountain pen, even as a single blue stone on every pen produces a point of interest for the observer. Fortuna Credo Girih is to be had as a fountain pen, roller ball and ballpoint pen. It’s offered exclusively in laser-etched black resin, with trim finished in palladium.

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