Fiskars Rotary 45mm Stick Rotary, Pecock

Handy scissors for multi-purpose cutting
Contoured handles, comfortable for extended use
Bent style, easy to cut on flat surfaces

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Bent 8 inch Multi-Function Scissors are ideal for multi-Function chopping of material and plenty of different fabrics in the house or place of business. Contoured handles scale back fatigue all the way through prolonged use. Offset handles make it simple to chop on flat surfaces. Options come with: offset handles, multi-Function chopping, adjustable pivot screw allows blade rigidity to be changed, and precision floor blades. Colour: Pink/Orange Handles.
To hand scissors for multi-Function chopping
Contoured handles, comfy for prolonged use
Bent taste, simple to chop on flat surfaces
Adjustable pivot screw for blade rigidity to be changed
Measures 8 inches lengthy