Faber-Castell Pen Of the Year 2011 Fountain Pen – F

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The Faber-Castell Pen Of the Year 2011 Fountain Pen – F is comprised of jade, a gemstone that has been prized for its beautyfor thousands of years. The platinized frame encases Every individual stone making the fountain pen an overly special piece of knickknack. The sexy faceting at the barrel and cap round off the effect.

Jade is very hard and tough to work.
The Pen of the Year 2011 uses Russian jade, or nephrite. The jade is located in Siberia.

Numerous processing steps are required before a piece of jade may also be inserted into the Pen of the Year.

Gemstone meets precious metal:an interesting interplay

Platinum-plated surrounds grip the person pieces of jade and switch the pen into an overly special piece of jewelry. The jade receives its final and easiest form from a master craftsman of the Stephan gemstone laboratory. He’s backed up by the long tradition of the Idar Oberstein workshops, that were set up within the 15th century and now experience a global-wide reputation.

Jade makes the Pen of the Year 2011 a luxurious writing put into effect. The 18-carat bicolour gold nib is thoroughly ‘run in’ by hand. The platinum-plated end cap protects the twist knob for the filling mechanism. Every personally numbered pen is available in an exclusive wooden case. The fairway lid, polished again and again to a high gloss, perfectly reflects the color of the jade. The certificate bears the private signature of Count Anton Wolfgang von Faber-Castell, attesting to the limited edition of this jubilee issue, the Pen of the Year 2011. Faber-Castell was once founded within the year 1761, so not more than 1761 of this pen can be produced.

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