Emerson ESW718 Switchboard -Receive Calls/Faxes While Online

Emerson ESW718 Switchboard General Features: Ideal for any make or model computer
Use with ANY phone or fax machine Works with ANY Internet Service Provider
Instant connections for phone line, computer, fax and telephone

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By no means Leave out A Name Once more!The Emerson ESW718 lets in dial-up modem customers to surf the Web and obtain phone calls and faxes all from the similar line. Not more missed calls, Not more switching your phone twine among your modem and contact.The ESW718 works like a phone service switchboard to permit your laptop modem, phone and fax to all proportion one phone line.
Emerson ESW718 Switchboard Normal Options: Perfect for any make or type laptop
Use with ANY phone or fax gadget Works with ANY Web Service Supplier
Wireless connections for phone line, laptop, fax and phone
No device wanted, no set up, works robotically Not more busy indications! Not more missed calls
Not more getting kicked offline