Elmer’s Glue Stick (E4062) (7 sticks)

Clear glue stick applies smoothly and dries clear for clean results
Both dry clearly and apply smoothly for a mess-free appearance
Non-toxic formula is ideal for classrooms

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Crimson on contact but drying Transparent, elmer’s Disappearing Crimson faculty glue sticks mean you can see precisely where you are sticking your charts, footage and more! the glue stick applies smoothly with a Disappearing Crimson formula, making it best for youngsters simply finding out the right way to glue. Upload on its non-poisonous, acid-free formula and you’ll see why it is the perfect adhesive for school rooms, houses and kids.
Transparent glue stick applies smoothly and dries Transparent for blank effects
Each dry obviously and practice smoothly for a large number-free look
Non-poisonous formula is perfect for school rooms
6 Disappearing Crimson (6 grams each and every) Plus 1 Transparent craft glue stick (8 grams)