EBL® 8 Pack Replacement Cordless Phone Batery for Home Phone Uniden DECT 6.0 BT101 BT1011 BT1018 DECT3080 DCX300 DCX400 Series, Compatible with AT&T/Lucent 3101 3111 AT-3201 AT-3211-2 BT-18433 BT-184342 BT-28433 BT-284342 BT-6010 BT-8000 BT-8001 BT-8300, Clarity 50613.002 D603 D613 D613C D613HS, Dantona BATT6010, Empire CPH515D, Energizer ERP295

Packs :8 packs
Uniden BT-1011 Ni-MH 2*AAA 2.4V 800mAh Battery
Battery Type: Rechargeable

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Aibocn Uniden BT-1011 replacement battery is appropriate with:
Interstate Batteries: ATEL-0032, ATEL0032, TEL-0032, TEL0032
Lenmar: CBD8003
Linksys: CIT310
Motorola: B8, B801, B802, B803, B804, K3, K301, K302, K303, K304, K305, L301, L302, L303, L304, L4, L401, L402, L402C, L403, L403C, L404, L404C, P8, S801, S802, S803, S804, T31, T3101, T3151
Philips: SJB-2121, SJB-2121/17, SJB-2121/37, SJB2121, SJB2121/17, SJB2121/37
Plantronics: 77049-01, 7704901, Calisto Professional
Sony: 6030, 6031, 6032, 6041, 6042, 6043, 6051, 6052, 6053, 8300
Uniden: BBTG0671011, BBTG0743001, BT-one zero one, BT-1011, BT-1018, DCX300,DCX400, DECT-3080, DECT-3080-2, DECT-4086, DECT-4096, DECT 6.0, BT101, BT1011, BT1018, DECT3080, DECT3080-2, DECT30802, DECT4086, DECT4096 And different cordless telephone fashions!

1.Do not disassemble
2.Do not get rid of in fireplace
3.Do not retailer in temperature over 60℃
4.Fee handiest with specified charger

About merchandise :
All merchandise bought in Aibocn are 30 days a reimbursement and 1 year guaranty!We promote many types of cordless telephone battery,reminiscent of Panasonic HHR-P104,HHR-P546A,,P-P511,Motorola SD-7501, Uniden BT-1008,BT-1011,BT-1007,BT-446,Vtech BT-17333,eighty-5071,… And each and every of them have 1 %,2 packs ,3 packs and 4 packs.Purchase Extra ,retailer Extra !No Hesitation Any Extra!

Packs :8 packs
Uniden BT-1011 Ni-MH 2*AAA 2.4V 800mAh Battery
Battery Sort: Rechargeable
Emblem New Replacement Product, Works as Authentic Portions
The Replacement Battery include 30 days a reimbursement and 12 months guaranty