EBL® 2 Pack Replacement Cordless Phone Batteries for Home Phone Uniden BT-909 BT909 BT-1001 BT1001 BT-1004 BT1004 BBTY0483001 BBTY0507001 BBTY0566001 BBTY0616001,Compatible with Dantona BATT-909 BATT909, Empire CPH-464B CPH464B,Energizer ER-P153 ERP153, Interstate Batteries ATEL0036 TEL0036, GP GP60AAAH3BMS, Panasonic KX-TC1210 KXTC1210 KX-TC1220 KXTC1220 KX-TC1230 KXTC1230 P-P102 PP102 TYPE 22

100% Brand New and High quality
Type: Replacement Battery
Suitable for Panasonic P-P102 PP102

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Chemistry: Ni-MH

Voltage: 3.6V

Capability: 600mAh

Colour: Fruit Inexperienced


Appropriate for

Dantona: BATT-909, BATT909

Empire: CPH-464B, CPH464B

Energizer: ER-P153, ERP153

Interstate Batteries: ATEL0036, TEL0036, GP: GP60AAAH3BMS

Panasonic: KX-TC1210, KXTC1210, KX-TC1220, KXTC1220, KX-TC1230, KXTC1230, P-P102, PP102, TYPE 22

Uniden: BT-1001, BT1001, BT-1004, BT1004, BT-909, BT909, BBTY0483001, BBTY0507001, BBTY0566001, BBTY0616001, DCT736, DCT736-2, DCT7362, DCT736-three, DCT7363

DCT736-four, DCT7364, DCT737, DCT738, DCT738-three, DCT7383, DCT738-3T, DCT7383T, DCT738-four, DCT7384, DCT750, DCT756, DCT7565, DCT758, DCT7585, DCX750, DECT 1500, DECT1500

DECT 1588-five, DECT1588-five, TRU-12803, TRU-226, TRU-9260, TRU-9260-2, TRU-9260-three, TRU-9260-four, TRU-9280, TRU-9280-2, TRU-9280-three, TRU-9280-four, TRU-9360, TRU-9360-2

TRU-9380, TRU-9380-2, TRU-9380-three, TRU-9380-four, TRU-9385, TRU-9385-2, TRU-99280, TRU12803, TRU226, TRU9260, TRU9260-2, TRU92603, TRU92604, TRU9280, TRU92802

TRU92803, TRU92804, TRU9360, TRU93602, TRU9380, TRU93802, TRU93803, TRU93804, TRU9385, TRU93852, TRU99280, WHAMX4 Collection, WXI377, WXI477


Don’t disassemble or warmth the battery

Don’t use the facility provide now not Appropriate for the battery or phone


30 Days Cash Again and 12 Months Restricted Guaranty

one hundred% Logo New and Prime quality
Kind: Substitute Battery
Appropriate for Panasonic P-P102 PP102
Chemistry: Ni-MH Voltage: 3.6V Capability: 600mAh Colour: Fruit Inexperienced
Designed to fulfill or exceed efficiency of authentic battery