Derwent Majestic Commemorative Wooden Box, Pencils and Accessories, Limited Edition, 150 Count (2300477)

Maple and walnut veneer box is divided into four tiers
Tier 1 includes 12 Metallic pencils, 14 Aquatone sticks and 17 Graphitint pencils
Tier 2 contains 24 Inktense blocks and 43 Inktense pencils

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Derwent Majestic Commemorative Picket Box, 150-Ct.

Majestic Commemorative Wooden Box
Celebrate the Royal Wedding with Derwent

To commemorate the wedding of His Royal Highness Prince William of Wales and Miss Catherine Middleton, Derwent brings you ‘The Majestic’, a limited edition Picket box that’s filled to the brim with quite a few Derwent products, accessories and memorabilia to honor the large day. An exquisite Picket box created from maple and walnut veneer holds a collection of more than 150 pencils, blocks, and painting sticks drawn from Derwent’s more than a few ranges, including Derwent Inktense blocks, pencils, Graphitint pencils, Aquatone sticks, Metallic and Watercolor pencils, along with quite a few accessories, inside 4 tiers. The primary Majestic box used to be presented to the royal couple as a marriage gift. All pencils are pre-sharpened and in a position to make use of out of the box.

Accessories Included in This Commemorative Set:
  • A set of natural sponges
  • A ceramic palette for mixing
  • A waterbrush
  • A set of grippers to carry Inktense blocks steady
  • A plastic eraser
  • A set of pencil extenders
  • A Picket pencil pot to carry a choice of your favorite collection of pencils.
Each box also includes:
  • A commemorative scroll
  • An in my opinion numbered plaque at the lid and a certificate of authenticity signed by David Sharrock, the Managing Director of Cumberland Pencil Company, the corporate which manufactures Derwent fine art pencils
  • A color portrait of the happy couple drawn by pencil artist, Angela Gaughan-Owens is encased in a Picket frame with gold accents
Made in UK

Derwent Heritage

Since 1832, Derwent has been inspiring amateur and professional artists with an outstanding range of cutting edge fine art materials.

Closed Majestic Box

Come See the Royal Wedding Present
See the replica of the Royal Wedding Present

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Maple and walnut veneer box is split into four tiers
Tier 1 includes 12 Metallic pencils, 14 Aquatone sticks and 17 Graphitint pencils
Tier 2 comprises 24 Inktense blocks and 43 Inktense pencils
Tier 3 comprises 43 Watercolor pencils, plastic eraser, med waterbrush, stump and 3 grippers
Tier 4 has a portrait of the couple, a palette, 3 sponges, masking fluid and certificate