Delta MOMO Design Limited Edition Roller Ball Pen

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Momo Design 30th by Delta, Carbon fiber and pure celluloid: an artistic mix and chromatic blend of ordinary materials and cutting edge use of ordinary shapes accomplished by both Momo design and Delta.
It was once in 1992 when Delta added a brand new page to the arena’s history in writing instruments. After doing analysis for 3 years on cutting edge materials which may be valuable to provide writing instruments Delta produced the primary writing instruments in Titanium and carbon fiber. Already at the moment Momo design and Delta came in combination in a partnership to bring forward innovation and design which resulted within the Momo “Carbon” collection by Delta.
As of late, 19 years later the partnership is renewed as both companies create a brand new agreement to provide in combination new writing instruments offering new shapes, appealing and of significant stimulus as a result of the top design worth and the singular combination at same time as technological and standard materials.
It’s, because of this, created the exclusive collection Momo 30th anniversary. The gathering celebrates the 30th anniversary of Momo design company. In carbon fiber, black and transparent resins and celluloid. Both the celluloid andresins are turned by hand from solidbars. The cap offers a hand carved metal cage, Rhodium plated, which incorporates the internal body in transparent resin offering a “Vista” special effect. The extremity within the most sensible of the cap offers a medal featuring the Momo design logo. The clip, Rhodium plated, includes a “pull-spring” mechanism. The body offers an tridimensional ring in solid Sterling Silver sculptured with the words MOMO DESIGN. This collection is a limited edition constituted of 981 fountain pens and 981 roller balls. The limited edition numbering is positioned within the most sensible end. MSRP $795

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