DayMark SpeedyMark Express Marking Gun

Perfect for labeling large volumes of pre-portioned foods
Truck delivery time is expedited by rapid labeling of received goods
Clear imprint boosts legibility

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DayMark 2 line marker (prints date and time) date coders are a highly efficient and simple to make use of food labeling system. Nice for monitoring massive quantities of portioned food and food packages delivered off of a truck, Date Coders permit restaurant operators to briefly and obviously mark food merchandise as they enter the kitchen or storage space. Date and essential data may also be dialed into the Date Coder and marked onto person food packages. By way of making sure accuracy and legibility, Date Coders considerably toughen food protection at the same time as lowering helpful labor expenses.
Highest for labeling massive volumes of pre-portioned meals
Truck delivery time is expedited By way of Speedy labeling of received goods
Transparent imprint boosts legibility
Speedy labeling with a date coding marker is as much as 5 times quicker than date coding By way of hand
2 line Marker can mark two traces of knowledge