David Oscarson End of Days Opaque Red with Opaque Hard Enamel Fine Fountain Pen

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The David Oscarson Finish of Days Opaque Red with Opaque Arduous Enamel Fine Fountain Pen. It occurs most effective each and every 26,000 years; the Galactic Alignment, where the Earth’s Winter Solstice Sun passes in the course of the Dark Rift of the Milky Method, marking the top of the thirteen-Baktun Cycle within the Mayan Long-Count Calendar. In astronomical terms, the Sun conjuncts the intersection of the Milky Method and the plane of the ecliptic. The Milky Method extends in a general north-south direction within the night sky. The plane of the ecliptic is the track the Sun, Moon, planets and stars seem to go back and forth within the sky, from east to west. It intersects the Milky Method at a 60 degree angle close to the constellation Sagittarius.

Consistent with researchers, One thing definite happened in the midst of the primary century BC and it was once carved in stone by the Maya. One thing also happened in 830 AD (in Baktun 10) which signaled the ‘Starting of the top’ for the Maya civilization. The Maya thought to be these events to be so vital that they calculated a ‘countdown’ of types, Starting August 11th, 3114 BC and ending on December 21st, 2012.

After cooling, the items are manually ground with a diamond file, restoring their correct form and surface. This tedious process is repeated at length till the extent of enamel reaches the depth required to hide the peaks and fill the valleys of every intricate guilloché pattern. When the general stages of firing are completed, the items are polished and buffed, revealing the velvet end of translucent Arduous enamel.


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