David Oscarson BLUE Valhalla Collection Fountain Pen

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Valhalla (Valhöll) literally translated means ‘Hall of the Slain” and is in essence a Viking heaven, or ‘Otherworld’ into which Viking warriors pass upon leaving this life. This can be a great structure – just like a Roman Coliseum – with 640 doorways, through every of which 960 champions can march shoulder to shoulder. Its rafters are spear shafts and its tiles are shields of gold. Here, fallen champions spend all day gaming and fighting one any other in battle. On the end of the day, the dead and wounded are all healed, so they are able to spend the night feasting at the flesh of a boar whose flesh never diminishes and drinking from the udders of a magic goat.

In Valhalla, three Viking gods prevail: the Nordic Trinity, Odin, Thor and Frey.
Odin, ‘God of the Slain’ and ‘All-Father’ lives all through every age ruling his kingdom absolutely, governing all things great and small. He fashioned Heaven and Earth and could also be credited for creating Man and giving him an immortal spirit ‘which shall never perish even though the body crumble to dust or burn to ashes’. Odin could also be the consumer god of poetry and one in every of his poems slithers within the type of a serpent in high relief at the cap of the Valhalla Collection. Literally translated from runic script, the poem reads ‘he who would read the sacred runes is smart to waste no words’. Odin’s name is the root for our modern-day Wednesday (Odinsdag).

Thor is after all the God of Thunder. He’s the guardian of the arena – either one of gods and men. His mighty hammer Mjöllnir is a short-handled weapon (the dwarf who forged it used to be interrupted in his work by a gnat stinging him at the eyelid). Named after lightning, or literally ‘ a thunderbolt’ it may be swung or thrown, and can all the time go back to his hand like a boomerang. It’s with this weapon that Thor maintains the steadiness of the arena and helps to keep forces of chaos in check. Thor’s name is the root for our modern-day Thursday (Thorsdag).

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