Command Poster Hanging Strips, Small, White, 36-Strips

3M-Command Poster Strips
Removes cleanly
Easy to apply

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With Command Merchandise, Placing pictures and art to create a point of interest to your room is fast and Simple! For all your accent pieces, there’s a Command Strip or Hanger that can be utilized to hold it, without a damage in your walls! To create you own wall gallery, get started by making plans out your layout at the floor in front of your wall house. Then make a selection the perfect Command Picture Placing product for every of your pieces. Be certain wall and frames are clean and dry. Follow package instructions for correct application, weight and strip positioning recommendations. Apply product to back of frame after which adhere to wall. Gently peel frame from the ground to detach from wall and press on strips for 30 seconds. Wait one hour before rehanging frames. The clicking of the strips connecting will let you know they’re locked in place.
3M-Command Poster Strips
Gets rid of cleanly
Simple to use
Simple to take away, Works on quite a few surfaces