Casio KL-8100 Professional Style Label Printer

200-dpi resolution
2,500-character text memory
PC compatible

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The correct labeling tool can maximize your organizational potential. With the Casio KL-8100 skilled-taste label printer, trade execs and residential workplace users can revel in unequalled performance in a label printer. Expertly designed for outstanding clarity, the KL-8100 features eight printable lines of 24-millimeter tape at 200 dpi solution. And before every new top-solution print, you’ll edit text with a big 12-digit-by-2-line display.

The Casio KL-8100 will provide you with the liberty to choose between five print styles and refashion your labels with 356 distinct symbols, including Greek and Russian characters. It is a just right have compatibility for advanced label-printer users who need the most efficient of both worlds. The KL-8100 also shows five languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian, and German.

A 2,500-character text memory, auto numbering serve as, and 74 preset tape formats help in making the KL-8100 strikingly simple to operate. If extended memory and label storage are concerns, the PC Link software can link your label printer to PCs and Casio organizers.

The Casio KL-8100 comes with a convenient sporting take care of and AC adapter. The label printer will also be powered by eight AA batteries.
two hundred-dpi solution
2,500-character text memory
PC compatible
Accepts 5 different tape sizes
Large 12-digit-by-2-line display