Avery Easy Peel Print-to-the-Edge Glossy Round Label, True Print

Ideal for branding your products, brochures and mail pieces
Print-to-the-edge feature lets you add a full-color background to your brand logo, product name, address or message
Use the Pop-up Edge for fast peeling–just bend the patented Easy Peel label sheet to expose the label edge, peel, then fold the sheet back to flat in a jiffy

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Avery Simple Peel Print-to-the-Area Label
Perfect for branding your merchandise, brochures and mail items
Print-to-the-Area function permits you to upload an entire-colour heritage on your brand brand, product identify, deal with or message
Use the Pop-up Area for speedy peeling–simply bend the patented Simple Peel label sheet to reveal the label Area, peel, then fold the sheet again to flat in a couple of minutes
Everlasting adhesive works on glass, plastic, paper and extra
Appropriate with each laser and inkjet printers