AT&T SB67158 SynJ 4-Line Extendable Range Corded-Cordless Phone System with 4 Extra Handsets and ERIS Station Conference Speakerphone

DECT 6.0 Technology
1.9GHz Corded/Cordless Phone
30% Battery Life Increase Over 5.8GHz

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The AT&T SB67138:

Four-line corded base and cordless system offers expandability as much as 10 handsets and contours DECT 6.0 Zero Blind Slot Digital technology. This technology strengthens the radio signal in areas that most often have a weak signal to the bottom unit. Every extension handset supplies individual voicemail , line standing, and message waiting indication.

Mobile staff have simple get admission to to push to speak, paging, call transfer and three-approach conferencing, You’ll choose from same old speakerphone or headset operation. The SB67118 speakerphone base supports 4 lines with 100 name and number phonebook directory, power failure protection and automatic attendant. The SB67138 too can improve as much as 6 AT&T booster antennas / repeaters (sold one after the other). The repeaters extend the variability between handset and base by 900 meters.

SynJ? Extendable Range Telephone Systems:

SMB staff work in quite a few places, from small offices to the biggest warehouses. The SynJ? extendable range Telephone >system supplies cordless handset extensions, Push-to-Talk functionality, as much as a half mile of extended range and mobile page and conferencing.

AT&T SB67128 Ranger Extender:

A 4-line cordless repeater that effectively boosts your call signal strength. DECT 6.0 digital technology lets in system to support the signal between handset and base in areas where signal is weak. Place handsets over 980 feet from thebase system, or Place the repeater as much as 980 ft. away from the bottom after which place the handset every other 980 ft. from he repeater. Covers 250,000+ square feet.

Bundle Includes:

• AT&T SB67138 Synj 4-line Corded Cordless Telephone SMB ATT-SB67138

• Four AT&T Synj SB67108 4-Line Accessory Handset to be used with SB67118

• Vtech VCS704 ERIS Station Conference Speakerphone with OrbitLink Wireless Technology

DECT 6.0 Technology
1.9GHz Corded/Cordless Telephone
30% Battery Life Build up Over 5.8GHz
4-Line Operation
Expandable as much as 10 accessory handsets (sold one after the other)

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