Altego Clear Laptop Sleeve

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36002 Color: Platinum This 10 inch Transparent laptop sleeve is best in your little netbook and all of the places you are taking it. Whether or not you might be within the airport, coffee shop or at the beach, the clamshell double-zipper design makes it simple to position away and store your laptop in a rush. The Transparent front panel shows off your laptop design or color and lines Air Cushion technology that gives protection by soaking up shocks and impacts. Features: -Transparent front panel featuring air cushion technology protection. -Sing their own praises your personality and elegance at the same time as keeping your laptop protected within the sleeve. -Check Point Friendly No wish to get rid of your laptop at the same time as going through airport security. -Air has been shown to offer superior protection from shock, have an effect on and vibration. -Every air pocket is independent in an effort to provide laptop protection when it comes to a single air pocket puncture. -Transparent subject material to offer very best visibility and sturdiness. -5 Year limited warranty. -Dimensions: 9.5″ H x 11.19″ W x 1.12″ D.