5 Star Cinema Optix Hdx650

optix hdx650
TV Projector HD projector
1920 x 1080p Processing resolution.Brightness: (ANSI) Lumens 4500. Contrast ratio: 32,000:1.

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For a circle of relatives room type environment and 3D, even as also great that the HDX650 claims numerous lumens, it came up well short of claim. That still makes it relatively bright in ‘best mode’ but, it is only rather brighter than the average projector at its brightest, a far cry from the 4500 lumens claimed, which actually would have been impressive. More in this later, let’s just say we would have loved to have seen something like 4500 hundred of those 4000 claimed, but almost 3600 lumens was once it. Give or take the cross talk and or every other artifacts, the 3D was once pretty solid. I don’t see it being noticeably not so good as a few of those projectors selling for 3-4 times the associated fee. I will be able to give the 3D at the Mitsubishi a slight edge, although. (It is the only one I had here, in close proximity to the HDX650 arrival. Overall, 3D looked relatively good. Brightness could be a minor limitation, depending in your screen. This projector, although has in most cases not looked dim, all the way through viewing in my rooms. This can be a bit brighter than any of the previous 3D projectors to roll through here, but for the big LG CF3D. Among the rest are fooling around within the 600 to 1000 lumens maximum, so very thin with regards to 3D. Even this projector could actually stand to be half again as bright – or more, for actually nice 3D brightness. Regardless of. 3D and 2D are in most cases very impressive. Add to that Cinama Optix first to market with an under $5000 3D projectror, – and so they come in at exactly – $4599. For shear value, the Cinema Optix HDX650 must be the projector to beat as other models hit the market in the following few months. For the HDX650’s solid 2D performance, and pretty darn good 3D as well, for a nice low price, earns the HDX650 our Hot Product Award. 3D capable, includes supporting both 720 and 1080i/1080p 3D, including Blu-ray 3D and all DirecTV 3D we tested with Bright overall, with exceptionally bright best mode, and above average overall brightness
optix hdx650
TV Projector HD projector
1920 x 1080p Processing resolution.Brightness: (ANSI) Lumens 4500. Contrast ratio: 32,000:1.
20000 Hours lamp life. Picture in picture.
Signal compatibilty:HDMI, S-Video. Full function remote keep an eye on.

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