2 Pack Axiom Replacement Battery For Vtech BT18443 BT28443 Cordless Home Phone

Compatible with: Interstate Batteries: ATEL0049, TEL0049, TEL-0049
Compatible with: Energizer: ER-P241, ERP241
Compatible with: Empire: CPH-518D, CPH518D

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The battery proven is for representation functions most effective, you’re going to gained a third birthday party battery on your acquire-assured to satisfy or exceed the producers battery.
Suitable with: Interstate Batteries: ATEL0049, TEL0049, TEL-0049
Suitable with: Energizer: ER-P241, ERP241
Suitable with: Empire: CPH-518D, CPH518D
Suitable with: Dantona: BATT-28443, BATT28443
Suitable with: V-Tech: 89-1337-00-00, BT18443, BT28443, LS6115, LS6115-2, LS6117, LS6117-2, LS6125, LS6125-2, LS6125-three, LS6125-four, LS6126, LS6205, LS6215, LS6215-2, LS6215-three, LS6217, LS6225, LS6225-2, LS6225-three, LS6225-four, LS6225-five, 8913370000, 89133700, BT-18443, BT-28443, LS-6115, LS-6115-2, LS-6117, LS-6117-2, LS-6125, LS-6125-2, LS-6125-three, LS-6125-four, LS-6126, LS-6205, LS-6215, LS-6215-2, LS-6215-three, LS-6217, LS-6225, LS-6225-2, LS-6225-three, LS-6225-four, LS-6225-five, LS-61152, LS-61172, LS-61252, LS-61253, LS-61254, LS-62152, LS-62153, LS-62252, LS-62253, LS-62254, LS-62255, LS61152, LS61172, LS61252, LS61253, LS61254, LS62152, LS62153, LS62252, LS62253, LS62254, LS62255